Närsök – Close To Home

By Josefin Schygge

CLOSE TO HOME is a new thrilling suspense novel with burning social issues and a focus on relationships, from the author of Forever Yours

AFTER A TRAUMATIC event, Martina has left her career in politics and opened a farm shop on the beautiful island of Visingsö, where she lives with her husband Björn and her two children. In addition to her work on the farm, she struggles with her relationship to her gifted teenage daughter Lilly – – why is it so desperately difficult to talk to her? 

ONE DAY, LILLY suddenly disappears. Her mobile phone is found in a swamp on the island, but all traces end there. Has she run away or has she been kidnapped? Is there a link between Lilly’s disappearance and the event that made Martina leave her career in politics? Or does the explanation lie even further back in time, in Martina’s own childhood?

CLOSE TO HOME is a powerful psychological thriller that focuses on relationships. Schygge shows her readers that years of writing and editing assignments have prepared her well for suspense of unusual maturity and depth. In this genre, she is definitely a voice that both masters the craft while saying something important – she simply stands out.

Published by Forum, Sweden 2024

Denmark, Swann
Sweden, Forum

“Schygge deploys an impressive storytelling technique as she gracefully weaves present-day plots into past events, letting them culminate into a dramatic climax. She also tells a story about hope, about the human ability to create change in seemingly impossible situations. The book is well-written, suspenseful, and features characters that leave an impact.”

Kapprakt, Sweden