Carina Bergfeldt (born 1980) is an award winning Swedish journalist and a name to watch when it comes to both Scandinavian crime fiction and hard hitting non-fiction. She is a star reporter at Sweden’s largest daily, Aftonbladet, where her series A Week With Death is the paper’s biggest success to date. During the week of its release in 2013 the series about Death Row was read by 2.2 million Swedes, a quarter of the population.

A year later Carina went back to Texas and wrote a book about how one execution affected the lives of so many. Seven Days to Live will be published by Norstedts in May 2015.

Through her job as a reporter, Carina has travelled around the world. She has written about gang rapes in India, drug cartels in Mexico and famine in Chad. Her articles about the massacre on Utøya won her the Swedish Grand Journalism Award as ”Storyteller of the Year” in 2012 and in 2013 Carina won an award for “Best Writing Style”.

With her background in journalism and her acclaimed storytelling and style Carina Bergfeldt has taken on new challenges. In 2012 she debuted with her first novel, Patricide, a chilling crime story set in her hometown Skövde. The book was sold to a dozen territories all over the world. This year however, will see the birth of not only Seven Days to Live but also The Photograph, the second part in Carina’s psychologically suspenseful crime series.

Photo: Andreas Bardell