PETTER LIDBECK, (B. 1964 in Helsingborg) made his debut in 1997 with the novel Linnea from Yujiang (Bonniers). Since then he has written over 40 children and YA books, amongst others is the suspense series Three girls which contains 10 stand-alone books following Pella, Siri and Tyra.
FOR SEVERAL OF the books in that series he got nominated for Spårhunden and in 2003 he was nominated for the Young August Prize for his book Anna Larssons Hemlighet (Tiden).  
IN AUGUST OF 2010 Petter revealed that he is the person behind the praised pseudonym Hans Koppel. Under that name he wrote one thriller and three satirical novels.

CARIN GERHARDSEN IS a mathematician who made her literary debut in 1992. She is most known for her extremely successful Hammarby Series, an eight-part series set in a fictive police station in Stockholm.

THE HAMMARBY SERIES has been translated into over 25 languages and sold more than three million copies worldwide. Each book in the series has topped the Swedish bestseller charts and are still finding new readers every day.

IN FACT, HER mathematician’s brain has served Gerhardsen well. Her elegantly calculated plots and surprising twists, coupled with a vibrant character gallery are what make her books unique.

PROJECT ZODIAC is the first series they are writing together. The first book, Another me: Project Gemini was published in 2019, the second book in the series A better me: Project Libra was published in 2020 and the third and final part of the series An eternal me: Project Pisces was published in 2021.


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