What are you willing to pay to take the power and control over your own life? The much-awaited second part of The Resistance Trilogy by Louise Boije af Gennäs is now here.

Sara has decided to return to Stockholm, despite the strange and traumatic events that have marked her first period in the capital. More on her guard than ever she changes to a job within the consultant business and moves to another part of town, hoping that the faceless pursuers will leave her alone. But the nightmarish blackmailing soon takes on where it last ended. Surrounded by corruption and power games of the world of finances Sara needs to ask herself the question: is there someone she can trust at all?

In the second part of the Resistance Trilogy Louise Boije af Gennäs depicts a young woman’s struggle against the big machinery of power. It’s a nerve-tingling play with fiction and reality, where nothing is what it seems to be – and where the truth might change everything.