By Marcus Jarl

The Path You Took is a heartfelt, humours and insightful relationship novel by Marcus Jarl, the winner of Feelgood of The Year 2021.  

How many emotions can exist between the four walls of a home, what is hidden in our own closed spaces and what happens when they are opened?
Bella Friberg is just as tired of her life in small town Linköping as she is with herself. When she gets a job offer in Stockholm, she can not turn it down, even though she doesn’t feel brave enough to make the move. Not considering what happened last time.
When Bella, after a lot of searching, eventually finds her dream apartment, she also finds her dream man. None other than the previous owner Niklas. But what starts off as smooth and sweet soon turns a bit sour. Does he want her or does he only want his old life back? When Bella finds out the real reason why Niklas had to sell his apartment she is forced to deal with his past as well as for the first time come to terms with her own. The Path You Took  is a warm, heartfelt and humorous novel about thinking you know what you want in life.

First published by Norstedts, 2022

Norway, Bonnier Forlag
Sweden, Norstedts

Marcus Jarl has, with a plot that could have been a romance cliche, managed to create psychological interesting characters who are trying to find their own paths in life as well as  come to terms  with their fragile family bonds. The depiction is created by sharp and humorous dialogue that catches the characters’ issues, but also their way to insights and personal growth.
The plot is interesting and believable. The varying social environments, the advertising industry’s jargong between colleagues, Bella’s and Niklas’ class journeys from their childhoods in Linköping to life in the heart of  Stockholm and each of their family traumas is beautifully and nuanced in its depiction.