By Per Anders Fogelström

The Summer With Monika is the classical unfiltered depiction of Swedish city youth, its issues, its social life, its liberated erotic behaviur, its way to be in all of lifes phases. The movie adaption of the novel, directed by Ingmar Bergman in 1953, starring Lars Ekborg and Harriet Andersson got a lot of recognition and is today viewed as a classic. 

It’s the story of Harry and Monika, who believe they are fleeing from society, but whose “flight” fits into one summer. A summer that becomes the theme song for love in the devotional picturesque archipelago of Stockholm. The author tells the story of the youth’s love filled life intrusively realistically and also with compassion and finesse. The same compassion and psychologically sharp gaze distinguishes the supporting characters, who all when put together create a motley and engaging gallery of people.

Per Anders Fogelström (1917-1998) was a Södermalm kid and he knew both the environment and the people there, the hills and back alleys, taverns, dance shaks  and the folks living in the  dark backyard apartments.

First published by Albert Bonnier Förlag

Sweden, Albert Bonnier