By Alberte Winding

ALBERTE WINDING WRITES about the poetic, painful, joyful, and crucial moments from her childhood and early youth in Squalls.

IN THIS BEAUTIFUL  and evocative book, Alberte Winding narrates the experience of a child navigating between adults, who are preoccupied with their own lives. Early in her life, her parents separate, and a couple of years later, her mother takes her own life. But amidst it all, Alberte also engages in carefree conversations about boys with her friend, makes bonfires on the beach during bright summers, and fervently wishes for a horse and thicker hair. Squalls is an unpolished portrayal of a child’s world and the transition to adolescence with a longing to belong.

SQUALLS RECREATES ATMOSPHERICALLY Alberte Winding’s early life, a period filled with both significant and minor emotions that many can relate to, both the good and the bad.

First published by Rosinante, Denmark 2018

Denmark, Rosinante

“I admire the raw and vibrant tone of love.”
– Politiken, Denmark 

Alberte Winding is enchanting
– Kristeligt dagblad, Denmark

“A memoir that is worthy to read and worthy in itself.”
Berlingske, Denmark

“A timeless, wonderfully relevant story”
– Jyllands-Posten, 5 stars, Denmark