By Alberte Winding

“Have I become completely crazy from hormones and laziness? I am at once a very young and insecure woman, a child, and a jerk.”

SMALL AND COMBUSTABLE is a vulnerable and exploratory memoir by Alberte Winding about her youth and initial encounters with love, music, and seriousness. 

ALBERTE WINDING’S MEMOIR explores the fragile years of youth, the challenging and meandering path from being an older child to a young adult, and the process of starting to resemble someone who is up to something, while perhaps not being entirely ready for it. It tells of her journey to the legendary Martha’s Vineyard in the USA with her cousin when she was 16, feeling that those back home now have one less problem.

IN SMALL AND COMBUSTABLE, Alberte Winding also recounts her first stormy and electrifying loves and her tentative steps towards a career as a musician.

First published by Gyldendal, Denmark 2020

Denmark, Gyldendal