By Pascal Engman

When 25-year-old Emelie is found murdered in her apartment in northern Stockholm, it feels like an open and shut case for Detective Vanessa Frank. But there is something about the prime suspect that gives Frank the impression that they are missing something crucial. 

Could the attack be linked to the rising digital network of men who want to punish women, the so-called ‘incels’? These ‘involuntary celibates’ live in the darkest corners of 

the internet and are united in their violent misogyny. 

Femicide is the second book to star Detective Vanessa Frank and her informant Nicholas Paredes. The pacing is breathless, the prose lean and the hard-boiled narrative unravels in a perfect procession of action, emotion and tension.

Femicide is the second book about police officer Vanessa Frank.

First published by Bookmark, 23rd September 2019

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I read Pascal Engmans first draft of Femicide and already then felt that this was something special. I couldn’t shake it. The tension, the story. The hate towards women from the Incel movement. Vanessa Frank. The love story between Börje and Eva. Superstar Celine with her green hair! It has everything. It has the highest international standard. Now I’ve re-read it. UNBELIEVABLE!
– Camilla Läckberg

I think I wrote this before but it is worth repeating. The depictions of our society that Pascal Engman does is truly one of the best parts of his authorship. Much of what he writes is unknown to me and as I find it truly thrilling I also learn something new. Tierra del Fuego was according to me a terrifyingly good book but Femicide is even better. I think this story will be with me in the back of my head for a long time!
– Nilmasbokhylla.com

Femicide is the second book in the series about police inspector Vanessa Frank. Once again Pascal Engman shows that he is a master innovator of the societal engaged suspense novel genre.
– Bimsblogg.com

I have followed Pascal Engmans development in The Patriots (2017), Tierra del Fuego (2018) and now Femicide which is out today. I get more and more impressed and even more sure that he is on the way to become one of the greatest within the suspense novel genre. (..) Read Femicide! I guarantee you quivering thrills while given new insights of grand societal issues.
– Anders, Kapprakt.

I’m hooked from the first page. Can not, will not stop reading. The book is so good!
– Bokdjungeln

Exciting, fascinating and well-written!
– Jennies boklista

Shortlisted for the Petrona Award 2023, UK