By Pascal Engman

Two bodies are discovered in a Stockholm park, one is a policeman and the other is an unidentified young woman. With the police believing the woman to be nothing more than unfortunate collateral damage, they focus on the murder of the police officer. But Detective Vanessa Frank takes a different approach and her investigation turns out to be more personal than she could have imagined, leading her toward a real terror threat.

Vanessa must tread carefully, terrorist networks operate deep in the shadows and society’s fear of terrorism has made her job more chaotic and dangerous than ever. When those being hunted are bound together by grief driven to revenge, the consequences are devastating.

The Widows is the third standalone novel to feature Detective Vanessa Frank. In this fast-paced thriller, we delve into a frighteningly current threat to our society and even deeper into the mind of the headstrong heroine Vanessa.

First published by Bookmark Förlag September 2020

Arabic, Al Arabi Publishing and Distributing Egypt
Czechia, Dobrovsky s.r.o & Omega
Finland, WSOY
France, Nouveau Monde
Iceland, Forlagid
Japan, Hayakawa Publishing
Lithuania, Balto Leidybos
Netherlands, Volt
Norway, Gyldendal
Romania, Crime Scene Press
Sweden, Bookmark Förlag
Ukraine, Bohdan Publishing House
UK, Legend Press
UK, Saga Egmont Audio
US, Legend Press
US, Saga Egmont Audio

Pascal Engman is the master of the new generation. There is an incredible drive to his prose, and a wonderful sense of dramaturgy. With a light hand he throws you into his drama. Irresistible reading. – David Lagercrantz

It is about hatred and revenge but also about love and the pathos of justice. Above all, The Widows is an exciting Swedish contemporary thriller. – BTJ

Completely impossible to put down – Sara Blædel