By Carin Gerhardsen

Snow tumbles down in a frosty Stockholm. During the same day two women independently go missing. Both seem to be living ordinary lives, but when superintendent Conny Sjöberg and his men scratches the surface of their existences a completely different picture appears. Both women have lived under psychological pressure and none of them lacks incentive to deliberately disappear. But the dramatic discovery of a dead body is reason enough to reconsider what might have happened.

Jamal Hamad is sought out by a ghost from his past. Is his life together with Petra Westman starting to fall apart? In an unexpected twist time also catches up with Odd Andersson. Jens Sandén on the other hand is troubled when his granddaughter is involved in something that, at best, can be considered an accident while Hedvig Gerdin as usual won’t let anything distract her. In the midst of this colorful group of police Conny Sjöberg tries to hear his own voice through the noise.

Hennes iskalla ögon (Her Ice Cold Eyes) is the sixth, independent book in Carin Gerhardsen’s successful series about the Hammarby police. It tells the story of physical and psychological abuse, narcissism and destructiveness. And how evil disguised as love seeks out the most vulnerable.

First published by Norstedts, Sweden, 2013
357 pages

Denmark, People’s Press
Germany, Bastei Lübbe
Finland, Minerva Kustannus
Sweden, Bookmark