by Fredrik T Olsson

Large areas of Sweden are paralysed by power outages. Key targets worldwide are subjected to sustained cyber attacks. And the recently fired cryptologist William Sandberg is arrested by his former colleagues, suspected of being the brains behind this wave of electronic warfare.

In Acts of Vanishing we meet William and Christina Sandberg three years before Chain of Events takes place. Their daughter Sara is missing without a trace, William is broken and suspended from his job at the defense command centre, and Christina has moved out of their home.

When the Swedish power failure turns out to be just one incident in a long line of similar attacks all over the world, William’s only way to clear his name is to find who really committed the crimes. But who is following his every single step? What does the Ministry of Defence know that they are not sharing?

Acts of Vanishing is a suspense novel about the vulnerability of modern society, the search for meaning and about what it really means to be alive.

First published by Wahlström & Widstrand, 2016

580 pages

Brazil, Companhia das Letras
Czech, Kniha Zlin
Denmark, HR. Ferdinand
France, Fleuve noir
Germany, Piper Verlag
Italy, Sperling & Kupfer
Korea, RHK
UK/US, Little, Brown & Company
Sweden, Wahlström & Widstrand