By David Garmark

WALTHER PHILIP BRINK is a retired coroner. After a long life in the service of death in Aarhus, he has moved to Ry, where he lives a quiet life full of routine. His wife and daughter are both dead, and his granddaughter Lina, with whom he has only sporadic contact, is a drug addict living a dangerous and vulnerable life on the streets. After a long period of silence, Lina contacts Walther, but before their relationship can resume, Lina dies. Walther’s life changes completely as it turns out that he is the great-grandfather of 7-year-old Channie, who has been living a miserable life with her mother. Walther becomes Channie’s guardian, and he slowly realises that Lina’s death is not the result of an accidental overdose, as stated in the journal.

DISRUPTION IS A crime novel about social vulnerability and how, against all odds, you can have a completely different kind of life than what was expected.

First published by Modtryk, Denmark 2024

Denmark, Modtryk

Disruption is in essence and theme close to genius (…) David Garmark’s first volume about retired coroner Walther Brink and his seven-year-old great-grandson is quite excellent.
Politiken, Denmark

It is rare that I have empathized with two people’s lives as much as I have in Disruption(…) a thrilling crime novel.
– Findals krimiside, Denmark

It’s early March and I’m sure I’ve already read the best book of the year (…) hurry down to your local bookstore and buy it and I promise you’ll have the best reading weekend in a long time.

I was completely gripped and engrossed in the story (…) David Garmark manages to create depth in the characters that makes them vivid and believable (…) Disruption is a crime novel that both entertains and leaves food for thought.

The emotions are palpable, both for the main characters but also for the reader. You find yourself alternately smiling and with a tear in the corner of one eye and it’s impossible to let go of the story. It is extremely captivating and entertaining. The interplay between the two opposites across the generation gap is brilliant.
Bogfidusen, Denmark

If you want to read a perfectly balanced crime novel – it’s right here.
Fru Thulstrup, Denmark

If you love a crime novel where the characters and everything that happens outside the actual crime story is as much in focus as the crime, this first book in David Garmark’s new Brink series is perfect! (…) I absolutely love this book!

Recommended for crime readers and those who want to dive into a story that will scare you, make you uncomfortable and warm your heart.

Exciting and well-written start to the series starring the atypical great-grandfather. In addition to the well-crafted crime plot, the book also has something to say about the socially disadvantaged and the possibility of getting a second chance in life. Walther and Channie are a charming couple who are hard not to like.
DBC, reader review, Denmark