By Mohlin & Nyström

WHEN SWEDISH-AMERICAN FBI-agent John Adderley wakes up in a hospital bed in Baltimore with extensive gunshot wounds he knows he’s lucky to be alive. Just a few beds away is the man who twenty-four hours ago pointed a gun to his head.

TEN YEARS EARLIER in Karlstad, Sweden, Heimer Bjurwall goes searching for his missing teenage daughter Emelie. Since she’s the sole heiress to the clothing empire Ackwe, he and his wife Sissela fear she’s been kidnapped. When local police find blood and semen on a cliff they arrest a teenage boy from the poorer part of town. He denies the charges and since the body is never found he can’t be prosecuted.

WHEN THIS COLD case file is sent to John Adderley ten years later, his curiosity piques. He’s set to testify in a trial against the drug cartel he infiltrated and has been granted witness protection. Having grown up in Sweden and since he has a special interest in Emelie’s disappearance, John demands to be transferred to the Karlstad police to work with their Cold Case Group which just re-opened the case. At the same time he knows that the drug cartel has a prize on his head, the punishment for his betrayal is death.

First published by Norstedts, 2020

Bulgaria, Ergon Publishing
Denmark, People’s
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Germany, Harper Collins Germany
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Sweden, Norstedts
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“A brilliant new crime series from Sweden – I love everything about it, the characters, the set-up, the writing. I am thrilled that we get to publish the amazing Mohlin & Nyström.”
– Heide Kloth, Editorial Director, HarperCollins Germany

“I loved The Bucket List and I feel that I’ve found a new, really original and powerful character in John Adderley! “
 – Ilaria Marzi, Editor, HarperCollins Italy

“We are extremely honoured to publish Mohlin & Nyström. The American link gives the book international appeal and puts this book miles above other Nordic crime. The writing is pacy, the suspense is big, the denouement even bigger. The Bucket List is craftsmanship.”
– Lisanne Mathijssen, Commissioning Editor, HarperCollins Holland

“I am thrilled to be part of The Bucket List adventure, that I am sure we have only seen the beginning of! I love the new take on the nordic noir genre, and to witness FBI agent John Adderley trying to adjust to the culture at a small Swedish police station gave an entertaining relief to the (at several levels) suspenseful story that unfolds.”
– Anja Gustavson, Editor, Kagge Forlag

“When I started reading The Bucket List for the first time I couldn’t let it go. I longed to be able to continue reading and most reluctantly had to tear myself away from the script. I read with growing astonishment.  It was impossible to comprehend that this was written by two debutants. How could these two newcomers craft a thriller with such refined skill. Mohlin & Nyström write with a confidence and stilistic timing that you normally find among very successful and seasoned authors. The script felt like dynamite, it was that freaking good.
The Bucket List is a new take on classic Nordic noir. The authors have taken familiar ingredients and put them together in an innovative and interesting way. The book has smart twists and turns with a nail-biting tempo as well as psychological depth and multilayered characters that I longed to keep following. I immediately understood that I had to publish this book. There was no alternative for me. I needed to continue on the journey with John Adderley, my new favourite character in Swedish crime. He’s an unusual protagonist in the Nordic Noir genre, which is why he is all the more welcome. In John lies conflict and depth, but also a sharp humoristic gaze that will have readers wanting much more of him.
Working with such a driven, talented and sharp author duo as Mohlin & Nyström feels like winning first prize in the lottery. And in my entire editor’s soul I can feel that The Bucket List is the beginning of something really great.”
– Erika Degard, Editor, Norstedts

After having read The Bucket List it feels easy to predict that John Adderley will become a new hero in the suspense literature. It’s not common to meet such mature debutants as Peter Mohlin & Peter Nyström, in a lot of ways breaking new ground within the very classical police novel. Language, story-telling technique, characters, environment, dialogues, cliffhangers, surprising twists, dramatic endings, well everything fits like the hand in the glove. The story-telling is very thought through. The author duo builds the plot skillfully with a high tempo and towards several dramatic resolutions. One of the many aspects I enjoy is the respect for police work. Within the genre its usual with solutions falling from the sky, but here there is intelligent investigative work that moves the plot forward. The forming of the characters is amazing. All people are complex, with several layers; no flat caricatures but real people trying to handle difficult situations as best they can. And thank goodness they’re not explained. They grow with thoughts and actions  – and above all in really skillfully written dialogues. The authors never paint a picture in just black or white, everyone has both good and less good traits. The same goes for all the captivating environments: the interior in the police house, the upper class of Bjurwall and the white trash that John’s Swedish family ended up in. Never black and white, always multi-facetted and interesting. And of course thrilling, really thrilling, unbearably thrilling..

What a debut! A psychological crime-thriller. An exciting page turner! It is well written and it is easy to be pulled into the story which I wouldn’t be surprised at all if it was turned into a movie or a series on Netflix! /../ The book is characterized by American macho mixed with confidence and well performed investigations. The authors truly manage to make me, the reader, puzzled about the circumstances around the disappearance, but slowly the events are woven together to finally reveal the truth…
– millimys_books, Instagram

[…] it really doesn’t feel like a debut. The book holds such a high class that you could think Lars Kepler was the author […]. It is factual and smart with a bunch of research behind it and it also offered unexpected twists and turns which surprised me on several occasions.
Rating 5/5.
– annas.lasdagbok, Instagram

What a debut you have written! It is a truly well written page-turner. It is a book you can’t put away. […] And then comes the ending! An ending that almost turns you into a nail-biter.
– evasbokhylla, Instagram

[…] when you have started reading you simply can’t stop. A really good debut […].
– bokfredde, Instagram

Dazed, crazy thrilling. John Adderley is from now on my new police hero! A story that evokes incredibly many emotions and questions. […] I’m knocked out by the ease in the flow of the storytelling. It is not possible to stop reading.
– kustboktanten, Instagram

It is also rare to read a thrilling plot which is this extremely well written. It shouldn’t be possible. High tension is almost impossible to combine with the thought-through and the articulate. This is in other words a rare little bird.
– Marie Peterson, Böckernas Klubb

New, fresh, thrilling and a good plot!
– Mysterierna, Blog

This is an absolutely splendid story about the decadence of the upper-class in Karlstad. […]  It reminds me a bit of Malin Giolito Persson’s “Störst av allt”. […] This is Swedish top class in a genre where Sweden is a world leader.
– Lasse Anrell, Nya Wermlands Tidningen

Very good! What a debut I am speechless. […] this IS a page-turner! It has everything. It is well written, has a high tempo, it is thrilling and without exaggeration you are sucked into the plot immediately. The characters stand out. […] Suspense, high tempo and with a lot of unexpected turns! READ IT, but make sure you have plenty of time, because you don’t want to put it down.
– Bokprataren, Blog

A new Swedish author duo is about to conquer the large crime scene. Remember the names Mohlin & Nyström. I think we will hear about these two gentlemen in the future. “Det sista livet” is a multifaceted suspense novel, the first in a planned series about FBI agent John Adderley. This is a clever, fast paced and well thought through crime with excellent character gallery and rich environmental depictions.
-Agneta Norrgård, P4 Västernorrland

“..a really, really good thriller. Peter Mohlin and Peter Nyström is an author duo with skills of storytelling beyond the normal and the book ends with a really frightening cliffhanger”
-Dagens Nyheter

Winner of “Crimetime Debut of the Year 2020″