Den Andra Systern – The Other Sister

By Mohlin & Nyström

Alicia Bjelke is a young woman whose deformed face makes people turn away when they see her.
So she has created a life as an encoding genius and founder of a groundbreaking dating app company, together with Stella, her beautiful sister who’s also the face of the company.
Until one day when Stella is found dead and Alicia’s life takes the wrong turn. She soon realizes that she is the next target. 

The case is given to former FBI-agent John Adderley, who is still in Karlstad under a new identity.
He’s haunted by shadows of his past and is about to leave Sweden when the game plan changes.
Instead of running he is forced to once and for all face his past, and very timingly the murder investigation gives him a way out.
If he can go through with his plan, he might have a shot at the freedom he so long wanted to have. But is it too late? 

In a successful mix of high octane suspense and psychological depth, we are treated to a plot so thrilling we forget to breathe.
Finally we meet our new crime hero John Adderley again.


First published by Norstedts April 1st 2021


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