Den Andra Systern – The Other Sister

By Mohlin & Nyström

Alicia Bjelke is a young woman with a face so deformed that people recoil when they see her. She is the coding genius behind a groundbreaking dating company that she founded together with her sister Stella, but only the strikingly beautiful sister gets to stand in the spotlight. Until the day Stella is found dead. Alicia’s life is upended as she realises that she is the killer’s next victim.

Former FBI agent John Adderley, who is still living in Karlstad under a secret identity, is tasked with the investigation. John is haunted by shadows from his previous life and sees no other way to survive but to leave Sweden. But the playing field has changed. Instead of continuing to run John is forced to once and for all deal with his demons – and this new murder investigation offers him an unexpected opportunity.

In a successful mix of high octane suspense and psychological depth, we are treated to a plot so thrilling it will take your breath away. It’s finally time to get reacquainted with our new hero John Adderley.

The Other Sister is the heart-pounding sequel to The Bucket List which won Crime Debut of the Year in 2020.

First published by Norstedts April 1st 2021

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Germany, Harper Collins Germany
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“This second novel by the Swedish friends and co-writers Mohlin and Nyström more than lives up to their 2021 debut in The Bucket List . . . The harsh crescendo of revelation adds both suspense and depth to a very dark tale of bad choices leading to crime and consequences . . . It all comes together in a grimly satisfying series of events, showing more clearly than ever that Mohlin and Nyström understand costs and penalties.”
NY Journal of Books

“Mohlin and Nyström’s stellar sequel to 2021’s The Bucket List more than delivers on the first book’s promise . . . This nail-biter doesn’t let John off the hook for some hard choices he’s forced to make as the action builds to a jaw-dropping climax. Readers will be counting the days to see where these gifted writers take their lead next.”
– Publishers Weekly, starred review 

“Incredibly  suspenseful”
-Lotta Olsson,  Dagens Nyheter

“For you who like crime fiction of highest class”

The Other Sister is a well written suspense novel that is hard to let go of. The storytelling tone is nice and the language is well chosen so reading it is smooth. The Other Sister is a page turner and a worthy second book in a series.”
-lottengl (Instagram) 

“Suspenseful and unpredictable. You think you know what will happen, but no.”
– Bokmoster (instagram) 

“The Other Sister is a suspenseful, pulse-raising crime novel with a thrilling plot and perfect depictions of characters and environment. With a crime hero far from the usual.”
– i_min_bokhylla

“Part two is quicker, more intense and filled with more action. John is a hero even if he also makes his own mistakes. [..] Since I know there will be more books I did expect a cliffhanger, just like in the last book, this one creates an entirely different picture and I look forward to how John and the authors bite into that one.”
-bokstavligt talat 

“The plot was perfectly written and throughout the book there is an intense suspense, just as a crime is supposed to be. The red thread throughout the book is good, the moments you get to read about the pastime have been fantastically woven together with the present.”

“It is incredibly thrilling, action-filled and fast paced. The plot is more twisted than the last time, it gets crazy sometimes, but in the best way possible. It’s impossible to sit still in the reading chair.
The violent and the brutal is balanced nicely with humor and everyday stuff, in the midst of all the crazy that happens. There is not a still moment  – but filled with joy of reading. Love it!” 

“The super-duo, Mohlin/Nyström keeps entertaining on the highest level. This is much more than a classical crime novel..sure it’s thrilling and raw from time to time..but there are more ingredients that these gentlemen can throw in. They are masters of depicting different persons and let us follow the different main characters in depth. It is also incredibly funny without turning silly.”

“A page turner to read at a stretch that you just can’t put down.”

“Yes! Mohlin & Nyström have done it again, they really master the art of telling a thrilling story. The Other Sister is a fast paced and well thought through, well written and hard boiled crime that is impossible to put down.”
-Agneta Norrgard  (Instagram)

“Nothing cosy here but more of a crime novel with the agent and action as the main focus and for this genre this is extremely well written and thrilling until the last moment.”

“The book is just as its predecessor a really clever plot where each detail is woven together at the end. The characters are lively and original.”

“It keeps being really good! I like the main character, the former FBI-agent John Adderley, and that the plot keeps me uncertain for a while. The language is flowing and it’s easy to listen to. I like the mix of Värmland and internationell ties.”
-kicki bokmal 

Wow, what a homerun of a sequel. Part one in the series is really good and this one is just as good. That is something you usually worry about.”
– miasbok 

“Can not get enough of John and the group in Karlstad”

“Mohlin and Nyström creates first class suspenseful entertainment The Other Sister is one of the best crime novels this year.”

“… as a reader I just want to keep going, beucause it’s thrilling almost from the first page to the last” 
– @las.lar.lev