By Elin Persson

After her critically acclaimed debut The Afghan Sons Elin Persson is back with her second novel for young adults: Take Me Away From Here.

Andréa and Anja have stuck together since forever, since they were kids. Now they are no kids anymore and Andréa feels strongly that something has to happen. A change has to happen. Anything! To sleep over on the mattress at Anja’s place and play in the forest behind the house doesn’t give a thing anymore. There’s something that’s pulling Andréa and she has to get away from her mother who sleeps in her bed and doesn’t want to go up, away from her dad’s old cars that are still in their yard since he left Andréa and her mother. Away from the jungle gym, the youth center, the fields, the forest.

One evening when she hangs out at the bus stop down in the village she jumps into Alex blue doodlebug tractor and finally feels something that’s probably freedom. But it has a price to leave the play, the girls room and the secrets. 

First published by Bonnier Carlsen, Sweden 2021

“Dense YA novel about longing somewhere else” /…/ “The title of Elin Persson’s new novel captures Andréas’ state of being in a perfect way: Take Me Away From Here. It’s a novel written in a concentrated prose, a texte where thoughts and observations are the foundation.” /…/ “Persson shapes the surfaces of conflicts both believable and moving” /…/ “Elin Persson captures Andréa, all her longing and how the look at her own body changes, with great credibility. The sentences are both direct and carefully concentrated”
Borås tidning

“Very skillfully written, a kind of younger sister to Mirja Unge’s ‘I go on living’ or Ola Nilsson’s exposed characters.”
Vi Läser

“The characters are portrayed in a sensitive way, and they move outside of the expected in both actions and speach. /…/ The language is knowingly, charged and dense. Surely many readers will identify with this excellent novel for teenagers and older.”

Nominated for the Norrland’s Literature Prize 2022


Children’s & YA