KIM BLÆSBJERG (1974) grew up in Lemvig, Denmark, the son of a factory seamstress and a chimney sweep. He moved to Copenhagen in 1994, attended the Danish Writers’ School between 1995-1997 and graduated from the university of Copenhagen with an MA in Danish.

IN 2002, THE AUTHOR made his debut with the short prose book Fælder. He had his breakthrough with The Town Hall Climber in 2007 and has since published a number of novels, most recently the three-volume work The Deserters (2016-18), for which he was awarded a three-year work grant from the Danish Arts Foundation.

FOR EVEN IN THE BEST OF FAMILIES, Kim Blæsbjerg has been awarded the Booksellers’ Honorary Award The Golden Laurels 2023. The Golden Laurels are awarded annually and are based on a vote among all Danish booksellers.He has also received Jyllands-Posten’s fiction prize in 2023, this award is given to “a Danish author who, in a work of fiction, gives us a new look at existential topics such as life, death, love, the close and difficult relationships between people and the decisive choices we make in life.”

THE AUTHOR IS also nominated as 2024’s novel of the year by the Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR Romanpris).