21st of August marks the release date of Emelie Schepp’s new novel Pappas pojke. The fourth installment in the Jana Berzelius series has been eagerly awaited and on top of the Swedish bestseller lists long before publication date.

In this novel, Jana Berzelius faces her most difficult challenges yet. A six-year-old boy is taken from his home after a frightened phone call to his father. As the investigation proceeds, Jana starts to fear that her background may be connected to the case and she must find the abductor before the police does.

Meanwhile, Danilo Peña is awaiting his trial, but he won’t fall without trying to bring Jana down along with him…

Even though the book has only been out one day, reviews are already in:

“The suspense pulls the reader into the story. Most characters are depicted with human and psychologically realistic features, while Jana Berzelius becomes an increasingly mythological figure with quite recognizable features of Lisbeth Salander.”
Östgöta Media

“The story is thrilling and there are many unexpected turns, so I could not guess in advance what would happen. The end was really unpredictable with an extra twist.”

“With every new book by Emelie Schepp, my expectations grow higher and yet I have not been disappointed. Pappas pojke captures my interest from the first page.”

“The storyline in Pappas pojke is well-coherent, exciting and thought-provoking. The end is very nice, and I’m thinking about the ending and the different levels of the story long after I’ve finished reading the book. The story simply engages me.”
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