By  Mohlin & Nyström

A SKELETON PIECE is found in a bird’s nest in Grums and causes great commotion. Thirty years earlier the twin boys Brodin mysteriously disappeared from a playground in town. Could the bone be from one of the boys? Why is it surfacing now?

ON THE STREET where the boys used to live the speculations take off again. When a man who has been gone for a long time returns to the area, an unpleasant energy spreads in the neighborhood. Something is going on.

THE FORMER FBI agent John Adderley – now a police officer in Karlstad – gets the newly opened investigation on his table. But he is torn. To lead a murder investigation and at the same time care for his nine year old niece puts him to the test in brand new ways.

THE AUTHOR DUO Mohlin & Nyström are back with the third book about John Adderley – a page turner that has both chilling suspense and touches you deeply. The warm depictions of the characters and the skilfully weaved plot makes this book impossible to put down.

Published by Norstedts 2023, Sweden

Denmark, People’s
Finland, Bazar Kustannus
Germany, HarperCollins
Hungary, Animus books/Central Publishing Group Ltd.
Iceland, MTH Publishing
Latvia, Sia Jumava
The Netherlands, HarperCollins
Norway, Kagge
Poland, Czarna Owca
Sweden, Norstedts