By Mørk & Zhale

DETECTIVE CONSTABLE IBEN Vinther hasn’t properly earned her promotion to investigator in the homicide division of the Copenhagen Police. Everyone knows it. Her penchant for overeating and indulging in empty romantic relationships isn’t doing her any favours either. Iben, however, is more concerned with solving murders than listening to her male colleagues gossip about her.

SO WHEN AN anonymous man leaves a young female law student dying in front of the largest public hospital in Copenhagen Iben sees the case as an opportunity to prove herself. Who is the man and what is his connection to the young woman? 

HER COLLEAGUES HAVE a theory, but Iben is sceptical. She takes a chance and starts her own investigation despite clear orders to the contrary. Iben is determined not to let her own feelings of inferiority or the mistakes of others stand in the way of her finding the culprit, but what will she find at the end of the line? 

First published by Alpha, Denmark 2023

Denmark, Alpha