By Lisa Holmfjord

13-YEAR-OLD JEANETT lives in Tårnby with her mother, younger brother and stepfather. Neither at home nor at school is there anyone to take care of her. She has a safe space with the housekeeper Layla – until one day Layla has to leave. Fortunately, Jeanett gets a new Danish teacher who sees and understands her. But one day Jeanett is gone …

DAVID THRIVES ON his peaceful police work at Station Amager until a 13-year-old girl is reported missing. When he learns that the case has threads into her life, he contacts his old colleague Linda.

LINDA IS AN investigator at the Police Station and immediately spots a connection between Jeanett’s disappearance and another sinister case of a young teenage girl. The situation is developing dramatically, and it becomes impossible for Linda to separate work from private life.

IN A RACE AGAINST time, David and Linda will have to work together to find the girl. The Girl Nobody Missed is a psychological thriller about lies, intrigues and men’s violence against women.

First published by Gyldendal, Denmark 2024

Denmark, Gyldendal

An original and different Danish crime novel.
– Politiken, Denmark