In an ordinary town, on an ordinary day, a completely ordinary baby is born to two ordinary parents. Well, an ordinary baby until two stars collide far away in the sky. The stardust, which is all that is left after the explosion, slowly falls towards earth, and seeing as the stars collided just above the hospital where the baby was born, some of the stardust finds its way through an open window where it lands on the baby’s head.

And suddenly he’s no ordinary baby anymore: he’s a super baby, Super-Charlie.

It takes a while before he realises that he is different from other babies, and yet longer until he understands that the best thing would probably be to pretend to be an ordinary baby. Because when he first makes his daddy faint just by hovering a little in the air in order to make it easier for him to change the nappy, and when he then makes his mummy faint just by loudly proclaiming: “no thanks, I’d rather have a sandwich” when she asks if he wants more food in a silly prattling voice. Then he realises that it’s probably for the best if he at least pretends to be a completely ordinary baby.

First published by Tukan Förlag, Sweden, 2011.

China, Henan Tianxing Education & Media
Denmark, People’s Press
Finland, Karisto
Greece, Minoas
Iceland, Sogur
Italy, Feltrinelli
Norway, Bonnier Forlag
Poland, Czarna Owca
Serbia, Nordiq
Spain, Maeva
Sweden, Bonnier Carlsen

… charming and worth reading.… a playful and warm story.


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