Once again we meet Lena, this time along with her Godmother, Ulla. Together they travel to the Alps for a week of climbing and relaxation. On the first day, a girl in the group discovers an old body where a glacier has melted away. The next day the girl perishes in a terrible accident. Ulla tries to save her and tries to hold to her when she suddenly feels the tingling of an electric shock through her hand and the girl slips away. They later uncover a secret room filled with mysterious books. Though shaken by the experience, Lena recovers but Ulla doesn’t appear to be herself. What happened to her up on that ledge? Returning to Stockholm, they soon discover that the malevolent force that was unleashed has followed their trail…

First published by Kalla Kulor, Sweden, 2006.
236 pages.

The research of the book is thorough and I like how Åsa Schwarz mixes old legends with a modern everyday life. The contrast results in a lovely cocktail perfect to read a dark evening with thunderstorms outside the window.