By Kristofer Ahlström

For his debut novel Someone to punish Kristofer Ahlström was nominated for Borås Tidningens debutantpris. His new novel is a winding family-tale which takes place from the 1950’s to 2000. It’s a story with magical touches about a harsh society for those who don’t fit in.

Caroline and David are growing up in Södermalm, with a special bond between them. Sister and brother, two hearts beating to the same rhythym, four ears listening. Together they discover their part of the city, a world far away from the complex and incomprehensible.

But the sorrows of the world gets to David, and he sees it as his purpose to fight all the injustice and save all the people. Soon Caroline can’t protect his thoughts and aspirations from an indifferent and uncomprehending world. When he glides into mental illness at the same time as she wants to start somewhere new, their ties gets severed. For many years they live parallel lives, but then suddenly something happens that brings them back together.

First published by Forum 2014-09-24

Sweden, Forum

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