By Heléne Holmström

ONCE UPON A time, Bente Hammar was a popular TV sommelier, but after a series of setbacks she was forced to leave that world. Now she works as a waitress at a wine bar in Stockholm. One day she is contacted by a friend in Paris who has found an old wine bottle. It has a Swedish inscription and her friend therefore wants Bente’s help with translating it.

AFTER SOME RESEARCH, Bente realizes that the bottle seems to have an intriguing story that leads back to a Swedish man’s efforts during World War II. She immediately has an idea for a program! The story of the French Bordeaux wine could be her chance for redemption.

DIDRIK HOLGERSSON IS a recognized historian and popular television profile who, when he is left by his wife, has reason to question his life. Therefore, the offer to participate in a program about history and wine comes at a perfect time.

BENTE AND DIDRIK head to France and begin to unravel a story about the atrocities of war, forbidden love and a small French village. They also get to know themselves and find reasons to reevaluate their dreams and goals.

Dancing in the Dark is an intoxicating read about daring to question everything you’ve ever dreamed of.

To be published by HarperCollins Nordic, February 2023

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