By Heléne Holmström

BENTE HAMMAR IS contacted by an old friend who sends a photo of a wine bottle with an inscription in Swedish. The bottle was found on a shipwreck that ran aground after World War II, and Bente gambles everything on having the wine bottle’s story told – on television. She was once a popular TV sommelier but a series of setbacks made her ostracised and loose face. The story of the wine bottle becomes her way back to fame.

DIDRIK HOLGERSSON IS a television historian and is passionate about his job, but when he is left by his wife, he has reason to question his whole life and even his dreams. When he receives an offer to take part in a new television program about history and wine he accepts, anything to be able to escape the life that has been shattered into pieces.

BENTE AND DIDRIK head to Paris and Bordeaux to find out the origin of the bottle and begin to unravel a story about the atrocities of war, forbidden love and the solidarity of a small French village. They also get to know themselves better and find reasons to reevaluate their dreams and goals.

To be published by HarperCollins Nordic, January 2023

Denmark, Flamingo
Estonia, Rahva Raamat
Finland, BookBeat
Germany, Aufbau Verlage
Hungary, Alexandra/Cartaphilus
Norway, Bonnier Forlag
Sweden, Lovereads
US, Amazon Publishing