By Camilla Läckberg & Henrik Fexeus

After ”Trapped” comes ”Cult” – the second installment in Läckberg Fexeus’ suspense series about the odd couple of investigators Vincent and Mina. When a little boy goes missing from a preschool in Södermalm, Stockholm, police inspector Mina Dabiri and her colleagues are once again put to the test.
They immediately find similarities with another child kidnapping, that ended really badly, and understand that they have to do with life-threatening forces. Everything points towards that more children will go missing.
For the first time since the dramatical events two years before, Mina takes up the contact with the mentalist Vincent Walder. Their relationship is just as special now and he proves to be of use also in this investigation. But the clock is ticking and when the most unprotected become victims – who can save them?


First published by Forum, April 2022


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