The author Emelie Schepp and the reader Gunilla Leining win for the second year in a row the great audiobook award in the suspense category, this time with Don’t Say a Word.
– It’s a big honor to get the listeners’ love, says Emelie Schepp.

The best audiobooks from 2020 have now been chosen at Storytel Awards big gala, Sweden’s biggest audiobook award […] The award was held for the 14th time and awards were handed out in five categories: novel, suspense, non-fiction, children and YA. The winners have been chosen both by people’s votes and jury groups. 

Emelie Schepp won the suspense category with Don’t Say a Word, read by Gunilla Leining. It’s the second year in a row that Emelie Schepp wins this category. Emelie Schepp can be proud to have won Storytel Awards in two countries. Earlier this year she won the Icelandic Storytel Awards.

Don’t Say a Word is described by the jury as a police thriller with a low-intense pace and “a skilled portrayal of young boys’ exposure in relation to gangs”. The reader Gunilla Leining’s contribution is described as brilliant and that she with her safe voice lifts the story. 

– It’s a big honor to get the listeners’ love and I’m so grateful and overjoyed to win this prestigious prize. To win it together with Gunilla Leining this year again feels almost unreal, says Emelie Schepp