Mats Söderlund made ​​his debut as a poet in 1992 and was awarded The Swedish Writers’ Union’s prestigious Catapult Award for best literary debut.

He has won numerous literary awards and scholarships as a poet and is regarded as one of the most headstrong nature poets. Söderlund often describes himself as “a Forrester from the north” with roots deeply entrenched in the Nordic folklore and the Northern narrative tradition where not everything can be explained.

Mats Söderlund was Chairman of the Swedish Writers’ Union between 2005 and 2012 and he holds a degree of Bachelor of Science in Social Work.

In 2020 the final installment in the praised YA trilogy The Descendents was published. Fair is Creation is a declaration of love to the ecosystems and environments that are now threatened by devastation, and at the same time an engaging pleading for everything we haven’t yet lost.