LARS KJÆDEGAARD DEBUTED in 1981 and has written over 40 books, among them are 15 about the married couple Anita Hvud and Thor Belling from the Copenhagen Police (Hvid & Belling 1-15) and nine crime novels about senior investigator Agnes Hillstrøm (HILLSTRØM 1-9). 

“WHEN EXTRAORDINARY THINGS happen to ordinary people” is the theme in all of Lars Kjædegaard’s crime novels, who adds to the Nordic crime genre a sense of special care for details, a kind of in depth psychological approach to the reason people commit crimes and a realistic depiction human flaws and the reason for them. 

WITH INSPIRATION FROM authors as diverse as Belgian Georges Simenon and his novels about Jules Maigret and American Elmore Leonard, where ‘less is more’, Lars Kjædegaard has over the years gained a large group of loyal readers and fans who greatly appreciate his flawless language, his eminent dialogues and his empathic understanding of people.

BESIDES BEING AN author Lars Kjædegaard has for many years performed as a singer and guitarist in his own orchestra. 

IN THE FALL of 2023 Lars Kjædegaard published, The Judge in Elsinore, a grand tour-de-force about a young man in Elsinore, the author’s own city through most of his life, who dedicates his life to the law and his great ambition to be the judge in the city court of Elsinore.