Critically acclaimed crime author Anna Karolina is back with a new suspense novel containing skydiving, female criminals and passion!

Anna Karolina has fourteen years of experience from the police department and portrays the criminal underworld with great authenticity; still the relations between the characters play an important part. In the new suspense novel Seven Figures she combines the heist of a decade with the feelings of sorrow due to the loss of a child, painful guilt and the concerns about beloved ones. With Seven Figures Anna Karolina also wants to challenge our perceptions and prejudice of criminals.

Julia, Carla and Nicki are childhood friends. The trio lives completely different lives as adults, Julia is a doctor at the local hospital, Nicki works as a skydiving instructor and Carla is a tattoo artist, but their shared past ties them together. In order to make everything right once and for all they kidnap a young millionaire, but when the ransom isn’t paid they’re forced to continue with the crimes.

The kidnap victim ends up at the hospital where Julia works and becomes her patient. Julia feels drawn to him, despite everything that has happened.

The police officer that’s in charge of the kidnapping case, Carsten, is closing up on the three friends, slowly piecing the clues together, but he has difficulties believing that there are women behind the crimes. Now they’re all in a race against time – who will make it?

In “Seven Figures” loyalty between friends is competing with laws of attraction. It’s a hard-boiled thriller with a captivating plot and an unexpected turn of events. Childhood friends fleeing from their past into an unforgettable outcome.    

Anna Karolina makes you reflect upon your own potential prejudice towards women and criminality, and also what might happen when ordinary people are forced to commit crimes in order to save something. What would you have done?

Available now in all Swedish book stores and at Adlibris and Bokus.