THOMAS ENGSTRÖM (BORN 1975) is a lawyer, translator, and writer, appearing regularly in Svenska Dagbladet, Fokus and Axess.

HE MADE HIS debut in 2003 with Mörker som gör gott. His second novel, Dirty Dancer, was published in 2006.

IN THE FALL of 2013 Engström published Väster om friheten, the first part in a political thriller series set in an international arena with Ludwig Licht as the the main character. For this book Engström was awarded “This years debutant” by the Swedish Crime Academy, that also nominated the sequel, Söder om helvetet, to “This years crime novel”. The third part of the series, Norr om paradiset was published in 2015, and the final part, Öster om avgrunden, was released in 2017.

ENGSTRÖM HAS TRANSLATED about 20 titles from English such as books by Barack Obama, Ian Kershaw, Mark Bowden and Walter Isaacson.

ENGSTRÖM LEFT SWEDEN in 2015 and is continuously traveling.