After internationally acclaimed High Stakes series – Simona Ahnstedt is back with All or Nothing!

Scandinavia’s ruling queen of Romance, Simona Ahrnstedt, is back with a new sexy, clever and breathtaking novel. All or Nothing was recently published by Bokförlaget Forum, Simona’s first stand alone title since ending her second trilogy called High Stakes.

Lexia Vikander is a copywriter at an advertising agency who loves her job. Yet she can’t help but feel as if she does not quite fit in. All women in the advertising world are lean and fit, all except her.

And it is not a secure job. A new owner has taken over, and rumor has it that many will be fired. Lexia who lacks both formal training and sharp elbows, is justifiably anxious.

To comfort herself, she goes to a high-end bar and gets drunk on too many pink cocktails. Sadly, her efforts are for naught as nobody flirts with her, and she once again finds herself the odd one out. Then suddenly HE sits down next to her, the most handsome man she could ever imagine. And he sees her, really sees her.

Adam Nylund is a hard man. He is a self-made man with a tough background who worked his way up the corporate ladder. Known for his ruthless style Adam is in Stockholm to clean up the advertising firm his friend impulsively acquired; his job will be to sift the wheat from the chaff.

Adam just wants to focus on work this week, but the woman on the barstool next to him arouses his interest. Maybe she is just the relaxation he needs before starting his new job. HE SEES HER. And he likes what he sees. At least until she drunkenly lunges for a kiss only to vomit on his shoes. On Monday morning they meet again. Lexia and her new boss: Adam.

Available now in all Swedish book stores and at Bokus och Adlibris.