By Lina Areklew

THE AUTUMN DARKNESS has descended over Örnsköldsvik. A group of teenagers has gathered at a campfire by the sea to party. At midnight, one of the teenagers is found bloody and unconscious in a nearby stream.

POLICE TRAINEE FREDRIK Fröding is the first on the scene and is faced with drunk and shocked youths, all claiming to be innocent of the brutal assault.

INVESTIGATOR SOFIA HJORTÉN is drawn into a case where families protect their own, and where she must learn to understand the secret world of the youths.

WITHOUT YOU IS the fourth part in Lina Areklew’s beloved High Coast Series about murder and dark secrets in the archipelago of Örnsköldsvik. An engaging crime novel about the betrayal of adults and the vulnerability of teenagers.

First published by Bazar, Sweden 2024

Germany, Goldmann/Random House
Sweden, Bazar

“Lina does it again, and again, and again! Her books are always titillating and amazing. 12/10 stars.”

Isabelle Domeij, @isabelle.domeij, Sweden

“Wow! The fourth installment of Lina Areklew’s Ulvö Series is yet another thrilling smash hit. Exciting plot throughout the book. 5/5.”

Helena Jonsson, @helenasdeckartips, Sweden

Without You is an incredible book, it captivated me from the very first page. 4.5/5 stars!”

Linn Ahlex, @linnsbokhylla, Sweden

“The story stirs a multitude of emotions with its themes of parenthood, class, marginalization, suspicion, and secrets.” 

Kicki Gustafsson, @kickis_bokvarld, Sweden

“An excellent page-turner that captivates and emotionally engages the reader! I give it 4/5.”

Brijdeep Kaur, @brijreads, Sweden

“There’s depth to the characters and their relationships. I like the balance of police investigation and private life.” 

Maria Nygren, @marias_bocker, Sweden

Without You is a slam-dunk crime novel! Great writing, colorful characters, and credible plot. I give it 5/5.”

Kristin Haglund, @flitigamyransbokhorna, Sweden