By Henrik Fexeus

Psychological suspense from award-winning mentalist

WHEN DAVID RECEIVED an email from an unknown woman claiming to have information about his childhood, he doesn’t know how to react. Ideally, he wants to ignore the message and instead sort out his feelings for the beautiful star lawyer Florence. However, David has no memories of the first 12 years of his life, so curiosity wins out and he answers the email.

BUT THE WOMAN who contacted him suddenly disappears without a trace and David becomes the prime suspect. Meanwhile, someone seems to be targeting him and everyone he cares about. With Florence’s help, he must now find out who is behind everything and how it is connected to his own missing memories. In the shadows lies a decades-old secret and players who have everything to gain from the truth not being revealed.

THE SACRIFICE IS the first instalment in the David Lund and Florence Tapper series. In this intense psychological suspense novel, a mystery unravels in two timelines where the truth is both bigger and more devastating than you might think.

First published by Bookmark, Sweden 2024

Arabic, Al Arabi Publishing and Distributing, Egypt
Bulgaria, Colibri
Czechia, Metafora
Denmark, People’s
Catalonia, Columna
Estonia, Pegasus
Greece, Metaixmio
Iceland, Sogur Publishing
Italy, Marsilio Editore
Latvia, UAB Alma Littera
The Netherlands, Uitgeverij De Geus
Norway, Aschehoug
Portugal, Porto Editora
Romania, Editura Trei
Spain, Planeta
Sweden, Bookmark