By Lisa Holmfjord

A psychological thriller about deception, abuse of power, and systemic violence.

JULIE IS RELUCTANTLY attached to the municipality’s family counselor. However, he turns out to be extremely charming, and he has the ability to reassure her worried social worker. Julie is happy with him until he starts demanding reciprocity. Fearing to lose her son, she has to comply.

CELINE IS DESPERATE. She is no longer allowed to see her child. Over the years, her ex-husband has accused her of violence, abuse, and now kidnapping her daughter. But Celine knows what he is hiding about himself, and she follows her ex-husband to gather evidence and expose him, even though she knows it’s deadly dangerous.

DAVID IS HAPPY with his new job in the Local Investigation Department at Station Amager. It suits him that the day’s biggest adrenaline rush is report writing after yet another organized bike theft at Tårnby Square or drug dealing in the airport. But then he gets a new partner.

LINDA HAS LOST her job as a bodyguard in PET. On her first day at Station Amager, she is assigned to one of David’s routine cases, which soon turns out to be bigger and more serious than it initially seemed.
The Devil You Know is the second book in Lisa Holmfjord’s thrillerseries about the dark side of the welfare state.

First published by Gyldendal, Denmark 2023

Denmark, Gyldendal

An original and different Danish crime novel.
– Politiken, Denmark