By Laura Ringo

I confess I’m full of questions. I confess I often wonder what his girlfriend looks like, what their flat looks like. I wonder if he’s moved out of her place because their sex life is bad. I confess I sometimes think he wants to touch me when we’re in bed together. I confess I want to be desired.

KARLA HAS ALWAYS done what’s been expected of her. It wasn’t really her idea to study journalism in Odense. Frolicking around her new city, doing everything her mum told her NOT to do, Karla meets Viktor. He is impulsive and unreliable, but maybe that’s why Karla likes him? And maybe it’s okay to not want to be a journalist after all?

THE CREMASTERIC REFLEX is Laura Ringo’s debut.

First published by Gyldendal Barn og Ung, Denmark 2017

Denmark, Gyldendal


Children’s & YA