Pigen Under Træet – A Harmless Lie

By Sara Blædel

A woman is haunted by a heartwrenching decision she made as a teenager in this darkly atmospheric, deeply emotional thriller from #1 internationally bestselling global superstar Sara Blaedel.

DETECTIVE LOUISE RICK is on a beach in Thailand when the panicked call from her father comes through.  Louise’s beloved brother Mikkel has attempted suicide.  His wife Trine left him three days ago, walking out the door one day with no warning, and leaving Mikkel devastated.

LOUISE RUSHES HOME to Osted, the small, insular Danish town where she grew up and where Mikkel still lives.  But the more Louise learns about Trine—a devoted wife and the mother of two young children—and her state of mind in the days before she left Mikkel, the more Louise begins to wonder whether Trine really meant to leave him.  Or whether something much darker may have taken place.

AS THE LOCAL police begin to suspect that Mikkel may have had a hand in Trine’s disappearance, Louise struggles to clear his name but is forced to confront some hard truths:  Small towns always hide secrets.  The past always comes back to haunt you.  And lies are never harmless.

To be published by J.P Politiken, Denmark, 2019.

Croatia, Znanje
Denmark, J.P Politiken
Finland, Karisto
Hungary, Animus
Iceland, Bjartur & Veröld
The Netherlands, The House of Books
Norway, Bonnier Forlag
Spain, Jentas
Sweden, Bokförlaget Polaris
US, Dutton

Pigen under træet has everything a good crime novel should have: thrilling, easy to read and a mystery just can’t wait to have solved. “
– Mellem-linjerna.dk

“Louise Rick is back. And i was also reunited with Camilla Lind, they are both back with full force.”
– Vildmedkrimi.dk

“This is a classic Louise Rick-crime. Thrilling, well-written and impossible to put down. “
– Randiglensbo.dk

“Pigen under træet is absolutely brilliant and has a great language. I am also impressed by the research for the book. I can tell that there has been a huge effort to make cities, people and the plot believable”.
– Krimiormen

“A nerve tingling story that all crime-lovers should wish for for Christmas – if you can wait that long…”
– Bogfidusen.dk

“The ones who know and love..Louise Rick will enjoy this well kept main character.”
– Lars Ole Sauerberg, Jyllands-Posten 

“Sara Blædel is an undisputed master in creating both suspense and interesting multi-dimensional characters.”
– Max Seeck

Martha Award 2020