By Sara Blædel & Mads Peder Nordbo

“It feels as if she’s completely bloated. I think her skin is covered in sores. I can stick my fingers into it… she has dissolved.”

IT IS SUMMER and everything is peaceful and idyllic in the Funen village of Tommerup, when Charlotte, a young mother of two small children, is on her way from her morning exercise in the sports centre to her job at the local school. A few minutes later, she disappears without a trace somewhere on the short stretch between the centre and the school.

LATER IN THE day, when Charlotte’s husband shows up in a desperate state at the police station in Odense, Chief Superintendent Liam Stark and Superintendent Dea Torp don’t initially react to the case, as the woman has only been missing for eight hours. The next morning, Charlotte still hasn’t turned up, and it soon becomes clear that a crime may have been committed.

IN THE FOLLOWING days, the case grows to an extent where most of Funen is involved, and people are hiding indoors in fear of becoming the next victim. An intense battle against time unfolds for Liam and Dea, who find themselves trapped in a game where people die a painful death, without the police being able to do anything but watch helplessly.

HOW DO YOU solve such a gruesome crime without victims? How do you track down a maniac whose only goal in life is to be one step ahead? What is it like to know that you are going to die and are waiting for your body to decompose?

SUCCES-DUO JOIN forces for new crime series – experienced authors Sara Blædel and Mads Peder Nordbo publish crime fiction together. The new Liam and Dea-series starts with Dissolved,  releases June 16th in Denmark.


First published by JP Politken June 16th 2021.


Croatia, Znanje
Czech, Dobrovsky
Estonia, Eesti Raamat
Hungary, Alexandra
Iceland, Bjartur
Norway, Strawberry
Russia/Kazachstan, Foliant
Sweden, Polaris