When eco warrior Nova and her two friends decide to take action against environmentally irresponsible corporations, little do they know that a shadowy organisation shares their goal, although for slightly different reasons. But unlike the activists, they are chillingly ruthless in pursuit of their goal and will stop at nothing, no matter how many lives are lost. Nova soon finds herself framed for a string of gruesome murders and must piece together biblical clues to unravel the mysteries of past and present.

Åsa Schwarz’s third novel is a taut, fast-paced suspense novel, blending biblical mythology with global conspiracies in a convincing and effective manner. Its fleshed-out characters and quickly unraveling plot full of dramatic twists and turns makes it a real page-turner.

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First published by Telegram Förlag, Sweden, 2009.
276 pages.

Brazil, Planeta do Brasil
Catalonia, Columna
Czech Republic, Euromedia
Finland, Karisto
France, Presses de la Cité
Germany, Droemer Knaur
Greece, Klidarithmos
Hungary, Egmont
Italy, Fanucci
Korea, Balgunsesang Publishing
The Netherlands, Querido
Norway, Schibsted
Poland, Wydawnictwo Amber
Portugal, Presença
Spain, Planeta
Turkey, Pegasus
UK, Stockholm Text

Nephilim is a given star on this autumns crime spectrum and moreover a, just as vital as worrying, contribution to the climate debate.
Ola Hultin, Sci-Fi Bookstore

The book is a page-turner and I sometimes feel like I’m a part of the plot. Åsa really knows how to write enthrallingly. It’s excitement from the first page to the last. I can hardly wait for her next book. Åsa IS addictive.
Kristina Simar, reader/critic

When I read Nephilim two books came to my mind: The Da Vinci Code and Stieg Larsson’s Millennium-series. Summarily it is, simply, a really good thriller.
Hans Person, Du är vad du läser

The Best way to describe Nefilim is to say it’s a thriller mixed with police-procedural and
religious/mystical influences. Nova has some similarities to Stieg Larssons Lisbeth Salander but instead of hating men she hates people who destroys the environment.