By Laura Ringo

The spring of 2019 Petra returns as a teacher at folk high school, ten years after she was a student at the school’s creative writing program. When Petra was a student she had Frank Storm Kristensen, a well renowned author, as a teacher who encouraged the students to be wild and brave when they wrote, who smoked a pipe during the lessons and was lousy at handling the copier. Back then Petra thought he was a strict teacher who asked annoying questions. But pretty fuckable. When she returns as a writing teacher Frank has become headmaster. He has abolished the folk high school song at Nyord and declared Grundtvig (one of Denmark’s greatest psalm poets) dead. But he doesn’t get less fuckable from that.

Petra would rather be an author, but after her first book was published she has lost her writing spirit. It’s a mess. It’s also a bit of a mess that the latest big poet star Frej Thorvaldsen has been hired by the folk high school, because he can write easily – and win prizes.

The novel Little Hints by the author Laura Ringo is a black comedy about power, desire and unfulfilled ambitions in a folk high school bubble far away from reality.

First published by Gyldendal, Denmark, September 2021

“… captivating and thought-provoking about sex, power and folk high school.”

“Elegant. Good book. (…) Laura Ringo’s »Little Hints« is an unsentimental work that aims to do exactly what art should do: investigate and discuss and leave the rest to those it’s for.”

“… the harshly humoristic lines that Ringo successfully excels in.(…) But the novel has its liberated strength in the portrayal of an environment where all tricks are valid to get ahead of others and achieve the coveted recognition. Good that it’s mostly black satire.”
Kristeligt Dagblad