By Camilla Sten

WHEN YOUNG STAND-UP comedian Lina Gyllenborg is found dead in her home, her boyfriend Jonas is accused of the murder. He insists that he is innocent, but both the police and the media are convinced of his guilt. Despite this, he is acquitted in court, to the shock of the public.

FOUR YEARS LATER, Jonas contacts criminal psychologist Rebecca Lekman with a request: he wants her to help him find Lina’s killer. Rebecca suspects that Jonas is lying to her, but a heavy personal message makes it impossible for her to turn down the fee.

AS REBECCA BEGINS to dig deeper, she discovers that Lina had secrets that may have cost her her life. And she soon realises that there is someone who will do anything to prevent the truth from coming out.

LIAR LIAR IS the second stand-alone instalment in the suspense series about criminal psychologist Rebecca Lekman. Camilla Sten proves once again that she is a master of human psychology and creeping ice-cold suspense.

Published by Norstedts, Sweden 2024

Finland, Bazar
Iceland, Ugla útgáfa
Sweden, Norstedts