By Veronika Malmgren

Veronika Malmgren’s debut novel is a book about friendship. About meeting and parting and about briefly sharing everyday life together. It is a book about belonging and departure. About being the one left behind.

Klara is almost ready to go home to Sweden after a year as an exchange student in the smalltown of Manning, Kansas. The place is surrounded by endless fields of wheat, corn and sunflowers in every direction, and sleepy little towns are scattered all along the motor way that stretches into the distance.

Klara’s friend Penelope owns a sand-coloured Delta 88 Cabriolet. The car is called Gracie and is the girls’ only chance of getting anywhere. During sweltering hot evenings they put the roof down and drive through the fields.

First published by Brombergs, 2011

It is a top-notch story, about being young, about the chemistry of friendship and love, about cultural differences and the things that bind us together, about saying goodbye. A flawless debut by an author who has already found her own voice, with a remarkable ear for life and human nuances.