By Peter Lindmark & Jimmy Lindgren

After six years as a mercenary for the infamous company Blackwater, the former Security Service agent Nicholas Warg returns home. He’s going to help a friend with a job and get the money he so desperately needs to retire and live in peace. Once in Sweden, everything goes awry. Nicholas is pulled into events where not only his own life is threatened – even national interests are at stake.

At the same time freelance journalist Lova comes home to her young son and their house on Ekerö after yet another tough shift. All she wants is to spend time with her child and get some peace and quiet. Instead, it will be a night that sets her world upside down. Soon Lova finds herself caught up in events beyond her control and is thrown back to a time when she herself was involved in the Swedish Security Services … back to Nicholas Warg, the man she has promised herself never to meet again.

Traitors is a suspense novel in the intelligence environment and the first part of a series about Nicholas Warg. It’s fast paced plot combined with a spellbinding narrative, makes this a page turning story filled with poignant destinies, unexpected twists and threats against national security.

Published by Lind & Co, Sweden 2015
390 pages

Czech Republic, Albatros
Sweden, Lind & Co