Förhandla i affärer – Negotiating in business

By Viveca Sten

Negotiating is fun!

But it can also be difficult, frustrating and sometimes a straight up catastrophe. What does a successful negotiation look like? Viveca Sten, who has many years of experience in high-level negotiations, tells us about the best approaches in different situations.

There are many aspects that can affect the outcome of a negotiation, such as your negotiation mandate; your personality; your counterpart and their, often hidden, driving forces and conditions. Issues such as personal chemistry or cultural differences can also make a difference. In a meeting between parties who speak different laguages, the risk of misunderstandings is increased by the complexity of communication.

In Förhandla i affärer, Viveca Sten provides concrete examples from both the corporate world and the private sphere, practical advice and smart tactical features. In short, everything you need to know to succeed!

Viveca Sten is, besides one of Sweden’s most successful crime authors, a legal advisor, board member and lecturer. She has served as chief legal officer in several large companies. She has a law degree from Stockholm University and is a graduate of economics at Stockholm School of Economics. Viveca Sten’s Morden i Sandhamn series is sold to 25 countries in almost 4 million copies.

First published by Lava Förlag, 2017
333 pages


Non fiction