By Henrik Fexeus

Many of us think that we need to have a six pack stomach or look like a Playboy model to succeed in romance.

Everyone Gets Some provides both men and women with the necessary tools to succeed in the tickling social game called flirting and picking-up. With his unique knowledge in non-verbal communication, social manipulation and influence, Henrik Fexeus has listed 170 practical tips.

With a lot of humor Henrik Fexeus describes the secrets of flirtation in three steps: attraction, relation and seduction. The book is completely free of worn out pick-up phrases and courting tricks. The big secret is rather the approach and attitude. And once you have learned this, your abilities will outscore any fake body parts or gym achievements.

First published by Forum Förlag

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“Henrik Fexeus is Sweden’s new pick up expert.”

Dagens Nyheter / SWE