By Carin Gerhardsen & Petter Lidbeck

A THIRTEEN-YEAR-old girl dies in an explosion in the central of Stockholm. Her friends Amanda and Rasmus survive through pure luck, but the danger is far from over. What first seemed like a terror attack turns out to be part of a grand diabolic conspiracy.
And this new hellish reality is only the beginning for Amanda…

A FANTASTIC DEBUT from the new duo Carin Gerhardsen and Petter Lidbeck. Though both authors to many successful books, Another me: Project Gemini is their first book together, where the reader is taken on a high octane chase across the whole of Europe.

First published by Rabén & Sjögren in 2019.

Sweden, Rabén & Sjögren

Catch-your-breath exciting thriller for young readers
– Gotlands Allehanda 

This is real action that is perfect for middle school readers. The ending opened for a possible continuation, so let’s hope that this is the first of many more thrilling books about Project Gemini.”
– BokLus

“A book for young teenagers, exiting until the very last page” 

– Karin Anderberg, Norra Skåne 

Project Gemini: Another me is an adventure that can compares to any action series on Netflix. The book contains several murders and a scientific project about gene manipulation of twins, but despite the curel theme it’s an easy read.”


“Carin Gerhardsen and Petter Lidbeck have worked together and the result is extremely thrilling! Another me is a very thrilling and very good thriller.”

– Annas Bokblogg, blog

“I like the book, a lot is going on, it is thrilling, well-written and it deals with themes that doesn’t leave anyone unaffected.”

– Barnboksbloggen, blog

“[…] the book is a real page-turner! […] Thrilling, mysterious and different!”

– Ge mig boken, blog

“Exciting, powerful & fascinating!”

– Jennies boklista, blog

“This is a truly thrilling novel […]. With relevant themes such as terrorism and genetic manipulation, heritage and environment packed in a roadmovie through the big cities of Europe the authors immediately catch the reader. Short chapters, shifting perspectives and some real laughs make the book really readable.” 

– Och dagarna går, blogg

“[…] a dark and action-filled story that takes the reader on a breathtaking hunt through the whole of Europe.”

– JPS media

“A book with a high tempo, momentum and both a thrilling and scary theme.”

– vastmanbok, Instagram

““Another me” is a real page-turner, well written, filled with action and easy to read.”

– annika.lundeberg, Instagram

“A tip for anyone who wants a truly thrilling read with tricky turns.”

– barnradion, Instagram

“Scary, thrilling and horrible.”

– sarasbokhyllor, Instagram

“A thrilling and fast paced story with big secrets. But also about sorrow, friendship and family.”

– boksnoken, Instagram

Nominated for Crimetime Award and the Children’s Radio Book prize 2019, and is the winner of the Children’s Novel Prize in Karlstad 2019.


Children’s & YA