By Ninni Holmqvist

In this collection we are introduced to a number of people who in many different ways play supporting roles in the relationship to a sibling, a lover, a wife, a colleague or even in their own life.

There is the goofy story about the mechanic who tries to balance his role as a husband with his role as a lover to his wife’s sister (without succeeding very well considering his mistress is pregnant), the portrayal of the inhibited husband who is regularly beaten by his wife and who is forced to take drastic action in order to escape, the story of an adolescent girl who is taking her first steps towards adulthood in the tracks of a much-loved older sister.

Ninni Holmqvist blends amusing stories about relationships with tales of sexuality as a language of power, low-key narratives from the workplace with haunting everyday tragedies in this diverse collection about love, life, work and the human desire to take control over one’s life.

First published by Norstedts, 2002
190 pages

The Netherlands, Wilde Aardbeien
Sweden, Norstedts