Almedalen har fallit – Almedalen Has Fallen

By Erik Lewin

In the shadows of the festival, among seminars, speeches and socializing in Almedalen a group of heavily armed men get through the bailey. Their attack is as well planned as it is brutal. In less than an hour these unknown terrorist have take control of Visby.

Thousands of people, including the Swedish prime minster, the Commander in Chief and several of the business sectors most important people are taken hostage. While the police and military are trying to figure out who should lead the country’s forces the terrorists keep putting their plans in motion. And they are always at least one step ahead.

Almedalen has Fallen is a gut-wrenching thriller about a terror attack against Sweden. It was written by a secret service officer with unique insight into the subject. But it is also a reminder of how the symbol of an open democratic society can turn into a scene from your worst nightmare in the blink of an eye.

First published by NoNa, Sweden 2015
320 pages