Malin Karim was born in the south of Sweden where she grew up dreaming of becoming an author. Her best friend was the local librarian who would supply this eager young reader with everything from Anne of Green Gables to Anna Karenina.

Today Malin works as a freelance journalist who lives in Stockholm with her husband and their three children. She currently runs the popular podcast Karimkvarten (The Karim Quarter) together with her husband, actor, Alexander Karim. Malin also blogs regularly about parenthood for the magazine Mama.

In 2019 she and her husband debuted with The World’s Bravest, a lovely children’s fiction title about facing your fears. The couple published their second book, The World’s Richest, in January 2021 and continue to entertain kids with heartwarming stories that ask important questions about solidarity, friendship and the things that truly matter in life.

Her first novel I Am Woman Hear Me Roar will be published by Bazar Förlag in 2022. It’s a poignant and witty female focused Falling Down, outrageously funny yet thought provoking.

Photo:Caroline Andersson