ULF DANIELSSON IS Professor of Theoretical Physics at Uppsala University. He has published a number of popular science books in physics, is a regular guest on TV and radio programs and formed part of the repertoire at the Royal Dramatic Theater 2018, where he presented a cosmic overview of the universe’s history and dark energy.

DANIELSSON OFTEN PARTICIPATES in the World of Science in Swedish Television as well as in the World of Knowledge and the Philosophical Room in Swedish Radio. Danielsson has previously written the books Stars and Apples That Fall (2003, also translated into German, Norwegian and Dutch) and The Best of Worlds (2008), Darkness at the End of Time (2015) and Our Globe So Poorly Small (2017). For his popular science work, he was awarded the Disapriset in 2005. He was also awarded the Siri Prize in 2008 for his book The Best of Worlds. Danielsson has been a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences since 2009 and presented the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2020.